Thursday, 22 July 2010

Poorly Jake

My dog Jake hasn't been very happy latley, first he had an infection on his head which has just about healed and then he had the same thing on his back leg, that now seems to finally have healed and he is left with two bald patches.

He seems extremley happy that he no longer has a lamp shade on his head and he showed his great delight at having it removed by keep stroking his face with his paws and making very grateful noises while doing it. I dont blame him really as he has been wearing it for nearly a month!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy View

This is the view from my bedroom window this morning. It looks very pretty, and we had swarms of seagulls which i kept trying to feed on my kitchen roof which you can see in the picture but everytime they flew near the roof to pick up the bread some miserable person out the back but of view kept clapping and scaring them off, so i didnt manage to get any pictures of them. Some people can be really miserable, those birds must be so hungry and cold. Not to mention the fearless cat in one of the pictures who was eyeing the birds!